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A book specifically for and about Super Commuter and “Road Warrior” couples! Whether by choice or financial necessity, nearly 3 million people today are super commuting in the United States alone and the phenomenon is growing in popularity here and abroad.

Combining interviews with people from around the world with the author’s personal experience as the wife of a super commuter and professional knowledge as a licensed therapist specializing in supporting super commuter couples, this book provides a glimpse into this unique lifestyle, highlights the top three factors to consider before starting a super commute, and offers practical guidance for navigating not only the commute itself but also the ins and outs of staying together while living apart. Therapists and families alike will find helpful the six guidelines for coping with the repeated separation and re-entry and the appendix includes questions for couples to explore on their own or in a therapy session.

Early praise includes:

“Exceptional, impressive, experience driven, sensible, ‘user friendly’ and immediately applicable, “Super Commuter Couples” should be considered a “must” for anyone involved in a relationship that includes extended periods of absence from one another — especially when those absences are the result of business or military displacement. While a critically important and highly recommended addition to community library collections, it should be noted for personal reading lists that “Super Commuter Couples” is also available in a Kindle edition.”


Super Commuter Couples is an important book detailing a rising trend in business travel today. The stories, tips, and strategies offered by Ms. Bearce are essential reading for anyone facing extended separations from his or her family.”

—PETER COBB,, cofounder

“Reading your book felt like going on a couples retreat without the big price tag!”

—JACIE DOERSCHUK of “The Relationship Workshop” with Jacie & Jeep, SiriusXM 146, Road Dog Trucking Radio

“Like many of the best books, Megan Bearce wrote Super Commuter Couples out of necessity. When her husband became a super commuter, Bearce found herself looking for such a book but surprisingly few existed. Being the gifted and thorough therapist that she is, Bearce immersed herself in research—interviewed dozens of super commuter couples, surveyed the most current statistics—and created this extraordinary guide for anyone on the wild ride of super commuting.”

Author of Parenting for Peace. Raising the Next Generation of Peacemakers

Valuable and Relevant Book for Couples
“Whether you are a mother, wife, or partner in a close relationship, Super Commuter Couples is an important book that addresses a growing contemporary issue facing couples today. With technology the world is growing smaller, but the distances super commuter couples face may be too large to manage without the kind of help and insight offered in this book. Engaging and personal in her style, Megan Bearce gives us a range of examples from super commuter couples who do not fare well to those who are able maintain intimacy and quality in their relationships. As a marriage and family therapist, I can say that this book adds both a valuable and critical chapter to my understanding of the attachment issues facing this growing population of couples, as well as skill in working with them. Thank you, Megan Bearce!” -G.T. MFT

Excellent Source Material By Bill Hammond
“As a former super commuter flying between Minneapolis and Boston on a weekly basis, I read this book with great interest. Ms. Bearce does an excellent job in laying out the pros and cons of this ever more prevalent lifestyle, one that businessmen and women often find themselves in by necessity rather than by choice. If you are in a super commuting relationship, or are contemplating being in one, or are simply interested in what this lifestyle entails, I strongly urge you to read this book. You will not be disappointed.”

Great Book!
“This was great book for really any couple. Most families have to juggle work, kids, house responsibilities and everything else-while trying to find time for their relationships. This book gives good tips and practical advice on ways to manage the chaos while taking care of yourself!” – Carrie K.

Super Commuter 101
“This book was great at explaining in “readable” terms how super commuting works, why people choose to do it, and how they keep their families together! As one half of a former super commuter and now just a commuter family, I found myself nodding along and going “a-ha!” in each chapter. Many different situations are addressed here, as are ways to make it work. This book helped me realize I’m not alone in my feelings and frustrations. An easy read!”- Jennifer M.

Very helpful and informative read
“…As a Marriage Family Counselor and spouse of a super commuter I was curious and interested in what she had to say about the topic. I was getting ready to hop on a plane to see my husband across the country and downloaded it on my Kindle and I’m very glad I did.

To begin with, it surprised me to hear was how very common this living arrangement is. While I have dealt with this issue in my own practice over the years, I think what Megan has so successfully done, is address it in a very direct way where she weaves the issues of super commuting into most aspects of relationships. Megan has taken the effort to interview many couples about their experiences with super commuting and she has also researched this contemporary topic from many angles. She is realistic about the challenges of super commuting relationships but also maintains a positive and hopeful outlook. She covers a vast range of situations, from military families to people working in the film business, to managing the challenges of parenting as well as the stresses that come with aging parents. She manages to include a variety of examples so that you get a sense of the common themes that people are challenged with such as all the hellos and goodbyes that come with the territory. There’s a lot of information about parenting and she gives helpful tips and advice for keeping families connected while the commuting parent is away. Because my children are now grown, and super commuting is relatively new to my relationship, I was able to get a sense of where I am on the continuum of this lifestyle choice and found it to be validating and encouraging. I think that anyone who is experiencing either side of this arrangement will find this book helpful. She gives many examples of different types of super commuting relationships in the first part of the book and concludes the book with helpful suggestions and very practical tips, websites to visit, etc.

If you are looking for a better understanding of where you are in this lifestyle or are considering making a choice to have this lifestyle, It’s a good read and I recommend it.”-Susan P., California

I really enjoyed the book! It was so interesting to see the different perspectives of moms and dads. I told a bunch of my friends at my bookclub and two of them bought the book and are enjoying it!!” – Caitlyn O., New Jersey

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